Studio EMP is committed to delivering natural, real, fun images and outstanding customer service. Joel Eckman Maus, our owner and founder, is passionate about photography, especially wedding photography. He is constantly experimenting and reinventing himself with fresh images that show emotion and ambiance of an event or moment, rather than posed images. Joel and his team work in a relaxed, respectful manner allowing you to enjoy your day with your guests, while still creating images that cover every nook and cranny of your event. We reduce stress on your day. We don’t add to it. 

The Studio  

Studio EMP was born in 1999 as Eckman Maus Photography, by Joel Eckman Maus. Joel used his middle name instead of his first name to show love to his Gram. He lived next door to Gram until he was 8 or 9, and they were very close. Eckman was her maiden name, so it just seemed fitting to keep that front and center, since a photograph of her was what gave Joel the inspiration to become a photographer in the first place. 

After feeling the power of a single photograph (even the thought of it chokes Joel up to this day), he realized that with a little training, he could make images that bring back those emotions, feelings, or even people, for hundreds of others. Weddings are the perfect canvas for these moments. No person is alike, no wedding is the same, no couple has the same connection, and no day is repeated. We love the excitement and the challenge of weddings because they cannot be planned. We will always be motivated to give people the gift of an image or images that documents a fleeting moment, shows who they are, and how much they love their new spouse. It is absolutely priceless.

Joel, and his team, has done just that for fifteen years. We continue on the path of making real, true images of our clients and their loved ones during the most emotional moments in their lives.