About Lorely Mariana Meza

Creative Director · Photographer 

Sometimes you don’t truly appreciate something, until it’s gone. Lorely learned that lesson first hand after becoming ill with a brain tumor at a young age. The tumor caused her to lose a photographer’s most important sense, her vision. After having surgery, she opened her eyes for the first time, and in that moment she knew her passion; her purpose. Her perspective changed to see life as a series of moments; some are dark, and some are bright, but it’s your perception that becomes the deciding factor. Because of this, she has a fabulously natural, journalistic photography style that effortlessly tells a story to be treasured forever. 

Lorely is Studio EMP, Inc.’s resident "creative". Seamlessly fusing her love for photography and design to curate our work and maintain our vision. Not only does she manage our public relation, she’s also Joel’s second shooter, along with whatever else happens to come her way. She is a visceral professional from conducting meetings, to taking charge of our interns, and just generally helping our studio run like a well-oiled machine. Lorely's work can be found in several publications such as Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, 100 Layer Cake and more.  

Her style doesn’t stop at photography. She’s got a keen eye for fashion and the wardrobe to prove it. In the same breath of telling you her latest find from Nordstrom, she’ll also recommend a book that will touch your soul. She loves spending time with her tight-knit family, whether it is at the beach, or at home enjoying a meal made by her mom, the chef. Talk about keeping your heart and your belly full!

Available to travel worldwide. For more information and to check Lorely's availability, please contact her at lorely@studioemp.com