Here's how we start the process of designing your album:

We suggest that you narrow your favorites down to around 100 images. Your designer will then use about 70-80 of those images in your album. To begin the album design process, you will need to send us a folder with your favorites. Here's how you do that:

STEP ONE : Create an account on the website and log in (bottom center of home page or bottom left of your album's page). 


STEP TWO : As you are browsing the images, there are two ways to create your Favorites. 

Option A: Click on "Select Photos" button (top right), select all the thumbnail images you like and then click "Add to Favorites" (top right of page). There will be a blue lining and a check mark in the bottom left of each desired image. To exit that mode, click "Cancel" (top right).

Option B: Click on a thumbnail image you like and it will be displayed larger. Roll your mouse over the top left of the image and select the "heartto add to favorites. Repeat for all desired images.


A few notes to keep in mind:

- This website can create multiple favorite folders. We would prefer if you send us just one favorites folder, so please verify that the correct folder is selected at the top left of the page before adding additional photos. The folder can change when you are switching between different groups of photos, so just be sure to check the selected folder before you add to it. 
Also, please note the expiration date on your favorites folder. Be sure to share your pictures with us before that date or you'll have to start the process all over!

STEP THREE | Once you are completely finished, click on the "Favorites" folder (at top left of album page). Verify all of the images in this folder are correct.

STEP FOUR | Click on "Send to" at top left of the Favorites page. Fill out the screen to "Send to Photographer" and click "Share." This allows us to see your favorites album. If you do have multiple favorite folders for your album, you will need to share them all.

STEP FIVEHang tight. We will email you as soon as we receive our notification that you have shared your favorite photos with the studio.