Studio EMP Gives Back 

Studio EMP is creative collective of globally minded photographers who believe that photography has the power to connect and inform people and bring about change. In addition to being marked by their common vision, Studio EMP photographers frequently work internationally, whether shooting distinguished weddings in Europe or Latin America, or documenting the relief work of developing-world organizations in Africa or Latin America.

But when Joel came across the images of wildlife in Africa by photographer Nick Brandt and learned more about the meaning and purpose behind them, he felt compelled to join the efforts and spread the word about the violent acts made by human hands and about the organization, Big Life's efforts to protect these endangered creatures. We believe that these majestic creatures have as much of a right to be here as humans. We are proud to say that a portion of our profits will be donated to Big Life. We encourage you to get informed and help put an end to these horrific crimes and enable Big Life to help those that commit them. 

From Nick Brandt | Co-Founder + President

Africa is Africa because of the animals there. But at this rate, within the next twenty years, they will be gone. And Africa without its animals is a continent stripped of its soul. Big Life Foundation is working hard, and so far successfully, to urgently staunch the flow of blood, and preserve these extraordinary animals in the hopes of a better future for both there, and the planet.

Please donate generously to the Big Life Foundation, HERE.